Crowdsource daily continuous improvements

Success Stories

We are trusted by some of the most innovative organisations in the world — our customers. It so happens that, they are our greatest source of daily continuous improvements within Indonis

Digital Idea Box

Setup digital idea boxes across your entire organisation to enable far wider employee outreach and highest levels of engagement as well as success due to better distribution of roles and responsibilities

Continuous Improvements

Capture, collaborate and implement daily continuous improvement ideas from each and every front line staff and drive sustainable bottom-to-top innovation across all your business areas.

Breakthrough Innovation

Plan, design and launch idea campaigns and challenges that empower your top management to crowdsource, evaluate and sponsor game-changing ideas using proven and consistent workflows and deliver breakthrough results.

Employee Engagement

Build, promote and scale a culture that is driven by a problem-solving mindset, transparency and stimulate greater degree of collaboration across teams leading to highest levels of employee satisfaction, growth and productivity.


Indonis platform is designed specifically for your front line workforce, making it extremely easy for them to share, collaborate and implement daily continuous improvements at scale.

With 100% employee outreach, far greater levels of engagement and simplicity that makes Indonis so easy to deploy across your entire organisation, you actually get a powerful tool that transforms your existing innovation process from good to great.

Let’s Innovate!

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