Engage you people,
help them innovate faster
ever than before.

Each idea is powerful alone, but the real magic happens when we act upon them.
As effective leaders we must be equipped to develop incremental as well as disruptive innovation culture.
Idea Management

Leverage collective intellectual wealth. Start capturing ideas 24×7 across distributed and diverse teams using a quick, agile and seamless way.

  • Define strategic innovation areas
  • Drive idea campaigns from top to bottom
  • Efficiently address day-to-day opportunities
  • Track, measure and deploy improvements
  • Stay aligned with business excellence initiatives

Significant way of controlling and eliminating incidents, workplace hazards and accidents while effectively increasing overall productivity. EHS cloud helps in,

  • Capture and minimize hazards
  • Sustain audit safety standards
  • Identify and modify unsafe behaviour
  • Track and eliminate incidents
  • Bring speed & efficiency to safety
6s Audits

Lean methodology has transformed the way world produces good and provides services, 6’s helps in managing the workplace even better.

  • Focus efforts on what important
  • Reduce audit document management
  • Centralized and real-time information
  • Get up-to-date and accurate data
  • Boost 6’s sustainability

100% Paperless

Indonis, ensure that every idea, suggestion or feedback is reviewed, managed,
tracked and measured right from the ideation to its implementation stage.

Idea Campaigns ● Idea Challenges ● Idea Projects ● Rewards ● Analytics ● RoInn

Help me boost my ideas
We Understand People

We help you to articulate the ideas popping up in minds of people. Indonis allows us to innovate the way that we could have never innovated earlier, keeping up razor sharp focus on what’s really important and valued.

What’s good about Indonis is, it has very good syncing of how people can seamlessly work with technology to turn around their entire innovation landscape.

Yes, I am excited!